Joe Pileggi


Joe Pileggi started in this business in November of 2007. From the beginning, Joe understood the ambition and energy needed to become a top performer in the field. He surrounded himself with some of the best and quickly became one of the top performers and team builders at the Ignite Advertizing Inc., Toronto office. Things really took off for Joe and his team in the spring of 2009, when he was promoted to Assistant Management and later that year, to Manager. In late November of 2010, Joe made a move to Winnipeg to manage a Sunrize Enterprize office. One year later, in December of 2011, he accepted the offer to move to New Westminster to open up a second Sunrize Enterprize Inc. office. In May of 2012, Joe reached the prestigious milestone of opening his own corporation, Primetime Promotions Inc. He went on to be named the Rookie Owner/Manager of The Year at the 2012 Owners’ Conference, and followed that up by receiving a Bronze Performance Award for earning over 1 Million Newsletter Points over the course of his career at the 2013 Owner’s Conference! Joe’s success reaches beyond just his own office. In the spring of 2014, he promoted Sam Ennis to Ownership, who operates Major League Marketing Inc. in Winnipeg. Joe’s competitive attitude, commitment to his goals and overall tenacity earned him the Most Improved Owner/Manager of the Year award at the 2014 Owners’ Conference. Joe recently promoted Beverly Aldridge to Assistant Manager and she is now running his New Westminster office while Joe undertakes the next journey in his career; a recently opened office in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA!

Sam Ennis


Sam Ennis began his career as a field representative in October of 2007 at the Sunrize Enterprize Inc. office in Toronto under the direction of Marty Bieksa. Sam has traveled to various cities across Canada throughout the course of his career, playing a key role in different client campaigns and lending his skills to other offices when needed. In 2010, Sam made the move to Winnipeg, MB where he has excelled and proved himself an integral part of the Sunrize Enterprize organizations. Sam earned his promotion to Assistant Manager in the fall of 2011 and his drive, determination, perseverance, and attitude continued to contribute to his success as he began to learn all aspects of the business. In the beginning of 2012, Sam had the opportunity to lead the Sunrize Winnipeg team when Joe Pileggi, Manager at the time, accepted the opportunity to open a second Sunrize office in New Westminster, BC. Sam continued to thrive, and his hard work earned him his promotion to Management in March of 2012. In typical Sam fashion, he excelled in his role as Manager, and was promoted to Ownership at the 2013 Owners’ Conference and began operation under Major League Marketing Inc. in September of 2013! Sam recently promoted an Assistant Manager and is focused on further expanding his management team. They recently received accolades at the 2014 Owner’s Conference when they were presented with the Administrative Team of the Year Award. Sam’s current goal is to turn over his Winnipeg location and join the team in Las Vegas, Nevada this summer!

Beverly Aldridge


Beverly Aldridge started with PPI on February 25th, 2014 and was eager to advance and show her potential. Beverly took the opportunity to travel to western Canada running multiple successful road trips and attending the west coast Leaders’ Conference and west coast Holiday party. After a few months of honing her skills, Beverly quickly built a team and was promoted to team leadership in December of 2014. Just 2 months later, Beverly was promoted to Assistant Manager of PPI, New Westminster, in under a year of employment. Beverly is a great team player with a phenomenal understanding of how to lead a team to common goals. Beverly is currently managing the PPI3 location and has her eyes set on management in the imminent future. With great team building skills and a drive for success, we expect big things from Beverly in the future.